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The Ink-Sider Sessions

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1:1 InkMentor Tattoo Coaching with Electric Linda. Dive deep into the world of tattoo artistry with a seasoned pro who's been inking masterpieces since 2000. This exclusive session, led by the renowned tattoo artist who's graced the screens of Discovery+ in Norway's "The Tattoo Artists" and inked celebrities like Mac Miller and Madcon, is your golden ticket to elevate your craft and business. ⚡HONEST PORTFOLIO CRITIQUE Get genuine feedback on your work, pinpointing areas of strength and opportunities for growth. ⚡MASTERING REALISM Delve into the nuances of color realism, from vibrant portraits to lifelike animals. ⚡SOLID COVERUPS Learn the art of transforming old tattoos into masterpieces, making them virtually unrecognizable. ⚡BUSINESS BRILLIANCE From branding to boosting efficiency, get actionable insights to grow your tattoo business.

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